Planking = Done!

We have some exciting news. The new planking is on! There are no longer any holes in Teka, other than, of course, the ones which are meant to be there. As well as being good news as it means we are no longer doing an impression of a sieve, it also  means that we can … Continue reading Planking = Done!



We have had yet another busy week. Luckily the weather seems to have turned for the better, on the whole. Apart from the brief, but apocalyptic looking storm a couple of nights ago. It might sound strange, but there is something about rushing around on deck and below, stowing things and shutting portholes, because you … Continue reading Romanticism

I Never Really Liked Horses

We have had another busy week. It started off fantastically well. One of the primary reasons for bringing Teka ashore (other than the survey) is to re-do the antifoul on her hull. This is a task of many stages, the first of which was to sand the hull. We, luckily, didn’t need to take all … Continue reading I Never Really Liked Horses

Heads Up

We have had a very productive week. It stated with a bit of a disaster though: the heads (toilet) broke down. It wouldn't flush. We initially assumed that it was blocked, and I set about trying to unblock it. Given the nature of our system hardcore unblocking liquids of the sort available in shops are … Continue reading Heads Up