Cowboys, and priorities

This week has continued in much the same vein. The guys from Rolt’s Classic Boatbuilders have continued to work on the planking. It is a relief to see some of the holes begin to be patched up. We are half way through our time in the boatyard now, and the majority of the work which … Continue reading Cowboys, and priorities


High and ‘dry’

We have been on ‘dry’ land for a week now. I put ‘dry’ in inverted commas as it has rained almost continuously, which has made a lot of work difficult. We have got some work done, however. Thursday was dry and sunny, so before heading to university I got my protective gear on, and started … Continue reading High and ‘dry’

Spring is, apparently, springing

After a bit of a hiatus over the winter, the marina is coming back to life, and so is our blog. During the winter months, those who live aboard their vessels are largely interested in keeping warm, dry, and safe, whilst those who have homes to go to, do so. And what a winter this … Continue reading Spring is, apparently, springing