Cowboys, and priorities

This week has continued in much the same vein. The guys from Rolt’s Classic Boatbuilders have continued to work on the planking. It is a relief to see some of the holes begin to be patched up. We are half way through our time in the boatyard now, and the majority of the work which … Continue reading Cowboys, and priorities


German Bombers and Romanian Folk Music

There has been so much going on, despite the rain, that I have decided to write an extra instalment for you lucky people this week. We have been visited by helpful people again! Honestly guys, if you are reading this, thank you so much! Paul came over, and had a little look at the engine … Continue reading German Bombers and Romanian Folk Music

I Never Really Liked Horses

We have had another busy week. It started off fantastically well. One of the primary reasons for bringing Teka ashore (other than the survey) is to re-do the antifoul on her hull. This is a task of many stages, the first of which was to sand the hull. We, luckily, didn’t need to take all … Continue reading I Never Really Liked Horses