High and ‘dry’

We have been on ‘dry’ land for a week now. I put ‘dry’ in inverted commas as it has rained almost continuously, which has made a lot of work difficult. We have got some work done, however. Thursday was dry and sunny, so before heading to university I got my protective gear on, and started … Continue reading High and ‘dry’


Locker Part Two

Keith and I managed a fairly successful tag-team with this job. After a combined effort with the designing and measuring, Keith built it. Then I took over, paintbrush in hand. Above the newly converted locker area are some huge metal bolts, which were starting to perish, so first of all I attacked them with a … Continue reading Locker Part Two

Books on Board

As with any small home, space is an issue on a boat. This is confounded by the 'extra' things which are necessary for the nautical aspects of boat life: safety equipment, charts, radio, sails being kept inside during winter... Don't get me wrong - Teka is incredibly well designed for storage. She is a deep … Continue reading Books on Board