Winter Wonderland

This time of year is a real favourite of mine, especially since we have been in Portishead Quays Marina. A lot of the boats around us go in for Christmas lights in a BIG way. We are sat between two of the brightest: Viking (pictured) and Trader Girl. We have gone for internal decorations this … Continue reading Winter Wonderland


The Bristol Channel is a Bastard

Every time we had been in the channel it had been like a mill pond. We knew full well that the Bristol Channel could be horrendous, but hadn’t experienced it in Teka. We decided to sneak one more sail out of the season, about a fortnight ago. We checked the weather: a bit cold, but … Continue reading The Bristol Channel is a Bastard

Gaffs, lights, and radio silence

So first of all I want to apologise for the lack of blog posts recently. We have been having technical issues with WordPress (i.e. it hasn’t been letting us post pictures, and we have no idea why). It is back up and running now, though, and so are we. This does also mean that we … Continue reading Gaffs, lights, and radio silence

And I Thought That Last Week Was Stressful…

Our main gaff is broken. Derrian, the ever helpful, came over last week (to be helpful). We pottered about on deck; I varnished the downrail and she got the heat-gun on the deck to continue stripping the nasty coating. We were lucky that it was a bit cooler - while we have been enjoying a … Continue reading And I Thought That Last Week Was Stressful…


I know that I had complained a little about the heat, but the storm the other night was too far the other way! I don’t know whether it was that I was a little unprepared, but Teka took some sorting out the next day. For much of the storm-night I had been sat in the … Continue reading Drama!

Poseidon Giveth, and He Taketh Away

Poseidon giveth, and he taketh away. He, apparently, giveth right back again a couple of days later. Last summer my rather pretty Italian sun hat blew off my head into the marina, nowhere near any of the pontoons (aka totally unreachable). I grieved, and made vague plans to get a new one, only to spot … Continue reading Poseidon Giveth, and He Taketh Away

Salty Sea Dogs

With Keith on shore leave from Irene, things have been moving forward on Teka once again. Most excitingly, we went for a sail yesterday! Keith had spent the first few days getting everything ready. He re-attached the last bit of safety rail (our beautiful wooden downrail isn’t actually high enough, so we have a steel … Continue reading Salty Sea Dogs

Mad Dogs and Englishmen

Everything is hot. The boat is hot. The dog is hot. I am hot.  I have been endeavouring to prevent problems stemming from the second of these, by hosing down the deck. Since the discovery that many of our problems were caused by fresh water, I have been making my own salt water by sprinkling … Continue reading Mad Dogs and Englishmen

Float Your Boat!

We are back in the water! Over the last week we made the finishing touches to Teka, to get her ready to go back in the water. We finished painting the rudder, including the boot top, and Keith replaced the tingle. This fantastically named object is a piece of copper, nailed over a leak in … Continue reading Float Your Boat!