Locker Part Two

Keith and I managed a fairly successful tag-team with this job. After a combined effort with the designing and measuring, Keith built it. Then I took over, paintbrush in hand. Above the newly converted locker area are some huge metal bolts, which were starting to perish, so first of all I attacked them with a wire brush to get rid of all the flakes. Then I covered them with ‘Baufix Metal Paint with Rust Protection’. I had goggles and a face mask, but it is horrendous stuff. I needed repeated sticking-face-through-porthole breaks. Saying that, it certainly looks like it has worked. Given that it’s main function is a rust repellent, it’s hard to say for sure as it’s only been a few days, but it certainly looks the part.

Then I masking taped, and painted, the whole area. We repainted the majority of the already painted areas of the boat when we first moved on, but had some trouble with the paint. It was meant to be durable, but really wasn’t, and ended up peeling really badly. So we’ve forked out the extra cash, and gone for Dulux. After priming the bare wood, I did the whole lot in Dulux Cupboard Paint. It is, apparently, scuff proof. So far, so good, but we’ll see if it passes the test of time. we got some little wicker baskets to attempt to keep control of the storage areas, and there we go. It works a treat!


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